The Benefits of Ready Made Companies in the Professional Services and Legal Services Industry

Oct 25, 2023

The Importance of Ready Made Companies

In the competitive business world, efficiency plays a crucial role in gaining a competitive advantage. When it comes to establishing a new venture, time is often of the essence. This is where ready made companies become invaluable for entrepreneurs and investors.

A ready made company, also known as a shelf company or an off-the-shelf company, is a pre-registered company that is fully incorporated and ready for immediate use. It provides a range of advantages, making it an attractive option for those operating in the professional services and legal services industry.

Streamline Your Business Setup Process

Setting up a new company from scratch involves various administrative processes, which can be time-consuming and complex. By acquiring a ready made company, you can bypass these initial hassles and accelerate your entry into the market.

With a ready made company, you can avoid the lengthy procedures of registering a new business, obtaining necessary permits and licenses, and waiting for legal approvals. This enables you to save valuable time, allowing you to focus on core business activities and promptly start generating revenue.

Establish Credibility and Enhance Business Opportunities

A ready made company comes with an established registration date, giving it a history that adds credibility to your newly established business. This can be particularly advantageous when dealing with potential clients, partners, or investors who often look for well-established entities.

When you acquire a ready made company from Eternity Law, you gain an already existing legal entity with an established track record. This can instill confidence in your prospective customers, suppliers, and financial institutions, improving your chances of securing reliable business partnerships, credit facilities, and contracts.

Save Time and Money

Starting a company from scratch involves significant costs, both financial and time-wise. Incorporating a new entity requires paying registration fees, legal fees, and other associated expenses. Additionally, you need to invest considerable time in handling the paperwork and liaising with various authorities.

By choosing a ready made company from Eternity Law, you eliminate the need to allocate resources to these initial setup activities. This allows you to save money on legal fees and expedite the process of establishing your business, giving you a head start in a competitive market.

Flexibility and Customization

Ready made companies offered by Eternity Law are not only convenient but also flexible. You have the option to choose a company that aligns with your industry, business goals, and target market. With a range of ready made companies available, you can select the one that suits your specific requirements.

Once you have chosen your ideal ready made company, Eternity Law offers comprehensive customization services to ensure the seamless integration of the company with your business objectives. This includes assisting you with changing the company name, appointing directors, modifying share structures, and adapting other vital details to meet your unique needs.

Access to Established Banking Relationships and Trust

Acquiring a ready made company from Eternity Law grants you the advantage of having access to established banking relationships and trust accounts. This can significantly simplify the process of opening corporate bank accounts, as some jurisdictions require companies to have been in existence for a certain period before being eligible for banking services.

Having a ready made company that has already satisfied these requirements allows you to swiftly access banking facilities, ensuring seamless financial transactions and enhancing your business operations.


In summary, ready made companies offer numerous advantages for individuals operating in the professional services and legal services industry. They save you time, money, and effort in the initial stages of business setup, while providing credibility, flexibility, and access to established banking relationships.

By choosing a ready made company from Eternity Law, you can avoid the complexities and delays associated with starting a company from scratch. With their expertise and extensive range of ready made companies, tailored to meet your unique requirements, Eternity Law can be your trusted partner in accelerating your business success.

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