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Oct 24, 2023


Welcome to, your ultimate source for the latest legal news in India. In this article, we'll discuss the important provisions of Section 9 of the Arbitration Act and its significance in the Indian legal system.

What is Section 9 of the Arbitration Act?

Section 9 of the Arbitration Act deals with the interim measures that can be sought by parties involved in arbitration proceedings. It provides the power to the courts to grant interim relief to maintain the status quo, preservation of assets, or protection of rights during the pendency of arbitral proceedings.

Importance of Section 9

Section 9 is crucial in ensuring the effectiveness and enforceability of arbitral awards. It empowers parties to approach the court for immediate relief while arbitration is ongoing. This section plays a significant role in maintaining the balance between the autonomy of arbitrators and the power of the court to grant interim relief.

Interim Measures under Section 9

Section 9 allows parties to seek various interim measures, such as:

  • Stay of proceedings: A party can request the court to halt proceedings in another parallel court or tribunal to avoid conflicting decisions.
  • Appointment of receivers: The court can appoint a receiver to manage or preserve property subject to the arbitration dispute.
  • Preservation of assets: The court can order the preservation of assets to prevent their disposal or transfer during the arbitration process.
  • Injunctive relief: The court can grant an injunction to restrain a party from taking certain actions that may harm the interests of the other party.
  • Specific performance: In cases where monetary damages may be inadequate, the court can order specific performance to enforce a party's obligations.

Application and Limitations

Section 9 applies to both domestic and international arbitrations conducted in India. However, it is important to note that there are certain limitations to the court's power under Section 9. The court must be satisfied that the applicant has a prima facie case and that the balance of convenience lies in favor of granting the interim measures.

Case Laws and Precedents

Several landmark judgments have shaped the interpretation and application of Section 9 of the Arbitration Act. From the celebrated TDM Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. case to the recent decisions in Vijay Karia and Anr. v. Prysmian Cavi E Sistemi Srl and Avitel Post Studioz Ltd. v. HSBC PI Holdings (Mauritius) Limited, Indian courts have consistently upheld the importance and effectiveness of Section 9.


Section 9 of the Arbitration Act acts as a strong and necessary pillar in the Indian legal system, ensuring that parties can seek timely interim relief during arbitration proceedings to protect their rights and interests. Its provisions are vital for maintaining the integrity and fairness of the arbitration process, ultimately contributing to the growth of a robust and efficient legal framework in India.

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