Setting Up a New Company in Dubai

Oct 1, 2023


Welcome to Global Business Corporation, the leading provider of legal and business consulting services in Dubai. If you are considering starting a new company in this thriving cosmopolitan city, you have come to the right place. Dubai offers numerous opportunities for business growth, and with our expertise, we can guide you through the process effortlessly.

Leveraging the Legal Expertise

As lawyers specializing in business setups in Dubai, Global Business Corporation has a deep understanding of the legal framework and regulations governing new company establishments. Our experienced legal team stays up-to-date with the latest laws and ensures compliance with all legal requirements. We handle everything from drafting legal documents to obtaining necessary licenses, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free process for our clients. Leave the legal complexities to us, and focus on your business's success.

Comprehensive Business Consulting

At Global Business Corporation, we provide extensive business consulting services tailored to meet your unique requirements. Our team of skilled consultants has in-depth knowledge of the Dubai market and can assist you in making informed decisions for your new company setup. We analyze market trends, competition, and potential risks to design robust business strategies that give you a competitive advantage. With our guidance, you can navigate the local market dynamics with confidence and drive your business towards success.

Why Choose Dubai for Your New Company?

Dubai has emerged as a global business hub, attracting entrepreneurs and investors from around the world. The city boasts a strategic location, excellent connectivity, and a business-friendly environment. Here are some key reasons why establishing a company in Dubai is a smart choice:

1. Economic Stability

Dubai enjoys a stable and diversified economy, with a strong focus on sectors such as tourism, logistics, finance, and real estate. The city's commitment to innovation and sustainable growth ensures a conducive environment for business development.

2. Tax Advantages

One of the significant advantages of starting a company in Dubai is its tax policies. The city offers various tax benefits, including zero corporate tax, no personal income tax, and exemptions on import and export duties. This allows businesses to maximize their profits and reinvest in their growth.

3. Infrastructure and Connectivity

Dubai's state-of-the-art infrastructure, world-class facilities, and advanced transportation networks make it an ideal location for business operations. The city's strategic location offers easy access to markets in Europe, Asia, and Africa, enabling seamless global connectivity.

4. Cultural Diversity

Dubai is a melting pot of cultures, attracting a diverse workforce from across the globe. This multicultural environment fosters innovation, creativity, and a vibrant business ecosystem. It also opens up opportunities for networking and partnering with international companies.

5. Investor-Friendly Policies

The UAE government has implemented investor-friendly policies to encourage foreign direct investment. Dubai offers 100% foreign ownership in specific sectors, streamlined company registration processes, and relaxed visa regulations for investors and employees.

The Process of Setting Up Your Company

Now that you understand the advantages of starting a new company in Dubai, let's walk through the process of setting up your business:

Step 1: Determine the Business Activity

The first step is to identify the type of business activity you want to engage in. Dubai has specific regulations and licensing requirements for different industries, and it's crucial to choose the right activity that aligns with your business goals.

Step 2: Choose the Legal Structure

Next, you need to select the legal structure for your company, such as a free zone entity, mainland company, or offshore company. Each structure has its own advantages and considerations, and our legal experts can guide you in making the right choice.

Step 3: Register Your Company

Once you have determined the business activity and legal structure, it's time to register your company with the relevant authorities. This includes submitting the necessary documents, obtaining approvals, and paying the required fees. Our team will handle all the paperwork, ensuring a smooth registration process.

Step 4: Obtain Licenses and Permits

Depending on the nature of your business, you may need to obtain specific licenses and permits from regulatory bodies. Our consultants will assist you in understanding the licensing requirements and guide you through the application process, ensuring compliance and timely approvals.

Step 5: Open Bank Accounts

As part of your company setup, you will need to open a corporate bank account to facilitate financial transactions. Dubai offers a wide range of reputable local and international banks, and we can help you choose the right bank that suits your business needs.

Step 6: Visa Processing

If you plan to hire employees or relocate staff from overseas, you will need to initiate the visa processing. Our team will assist you in obtaining the necessary employee visas, residence permits, and provide guidance on local labor laws to ensure compliance.

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Setting up a new company in Dubai can be a significant step towards achieving your business aspirations. With Global Business Corporation by your side, you can navigate the intricate process with ease and confidence. Our dedicated team of legal experts and business consultants is committed to your success.

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